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Privacy Policy


In accordance with General provisions on data protection – Croatian GDPR, we have to inform you that when placing a reservation and at check-in into The Sunset Bay Mobile Home Resort you agree to present your personal identification documents, i.e. submit your personal data (first and last name, type and number of your personal identification document, gender, state and address of residence, with date of birth and citizenship), all for evidence of tourists in the Information System of Tourist Boards of the Republic of Croatia – eVisitor (Law on sojourn tax, National Gazette 152/08).

The personal data is collected for statistic processing and is used by the Tourist boards, public authorities and Ministries relating to this procedure (Ministry of tourism and Tourist inspection, Ministry of internal affairs and Ministry of finances – Customs authorities).

Each unauthorized usage, publication, change, processing, reproduction, distribution, recording or assignment or any other form of unauthorized usage of such personal data is strictly prohibited.

A complaint in regard of processing of your personal data may be submitted by email to the Tourist board of the city of Šibenik:



When registering, sending an enquiry or making a booking through this Website, personal information such as name, phone number and email address will be saved in our database as The Sunset Bay Mobile Home Resort needs to communicate important information such as booking confirmation, payment reminders, self check-in instructions and another booking related information.

When visiting or browsing this Website certain information, such as your IP address, which browser it´s being used, and information about the computer’s operating system, application version, language settings and pages that have been shown to users may be collected.



The Sunset Bay Mobile Home Resort employs strict security measures to safeguard personal information and prevent disclosure to third parties without the user’s permission. For this purpose the data storage devices are kept in a secure facility with restricted physical access – and firewalls and other measures are used to restrict electronic access. Access to personally identifiable information is only given to internal staff of The Sunset Bay Mobile Home Resort requiring the information to perform a specific job.

The Sunset Bay Mobile Home Resort will keep the user's data safe thus cooperation with our security checks may be necessary before disclosing any information. Information will be retained for a reasonable period, or as long as legally required. To this extent, payments made through The Sunset Bay Mobile Home Resort are done via a third party secure certified payment provider and agency does not store the full credit card details and is not liable for errors or losses on payments or money transfers.

All communication between The Sunset Bay Mobile Home Resort employees and Customers or Guests will be done via Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail email service. All communications sent and received using this email will be stored by The Sunset Bay Mobile Home Resort. No communications will ever be passed on to a third party unless it is required by the law. The Sunset Bay Mobile Home Resort may analyze anonymized content of communications to improve its services.


We believe that your privacy is your property. This is important for you as well as for us. That’s why we protect the information you share with us. To protect your privacy, GA Holiday follows a variety of principles in line with global best practices for privacy and data protection.

We will not sell or pass on your name, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address, or any other information to anyone.

We will use state-of-the-art security measures to protect your data from unauthorized users.


We will ask you when we need information that personally identifies you (personal information) or allows us to contact you. Generally, this information is needed when you create a site registration ID when you join a restricted site. 

You do not need to enter data more than once to make the site easier to use:

To quickly search for products, services, or information.

To help us create the content that works best for you, or to alert you to product upgrades, special offers, updated information, and other new services.


If you do not choose to register or provide personal information, you may still use most of the content of the website However, you will not be able to access the sites or documents that require registration.

If you choose to register, you will be able to choose the types of information you want to receive from us, such as subscribing to various services such as our electronic newsletter. If you do not want us to communicate with you about other offers regarding products, events, or services by email, mail, or telephone, you can choose not to receive GA Holiday marketing notices.


GA Holiday d.o.o. has taken strict measures to protect the security of your personal information and ensured that your choices for the intended use are respected. We take strict security measures to protect your data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration, or destruction. GA Holiday d.o.o. strictly protects the security of your personal information and respects your choices for your intended use. We carefully protect your information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration, or destruction. Never share your personal information outside of the company without your permission, except under the above conditions. In the company, the data is stored on restricted servers controlled by passwords. Your data can be stored and processed in Slovenia or any other country within the EU where our business units are located,

You also have an important role to play in protecting your data. No one can see or edit your personal information without knowing your username and password, so do not share it with others.


For some reason, you believe that GA Holiday d.o.o. did not follow these principles? Please let us know by email at and we will do our best to identify and correct the problem quickly. Rest assured that the term Privacy Policy in our title is a priority.

GA Holiday d.o.o. will disclose your personal information, without prior notice, only if required by law or in good faith that such action is necessary for GA Holiday d.o.o. or website; in case of protection of the rights or property of GA Holiday d.o.o. and its websites and act in circumstances to protect the personal safety of users of GA Holiday d.o.o., its websites or the public.


Following the EU regulations, GA Holiday d.o.o. uses cookies on the website to provide better user experience, security, smooth function of web portal and to monitor site visit statistics. We save mandatory cookies that are necessary for the website to run effortlessly, and we give you choices regarding other types of cookies.  

What are cookies?  

Cookies are small text files most sites store on devices that allow users to access the Internet to identify them. The storage of cookies is under the full control of the browser that the user has  it can limit or disable cookies storage.  


GA Holiday uses two groups of cookies:  

Group 1: They are required for the site to function properly. They set up when you log into the Customer Portal or interact with any website that opens by clicking on links. We do not need to obtain your consent for these cookies under GDPR.  

Group 2: These cookies are used to analyze the visits to our site. Data is captured anonymously. This cookie group is automatically downloaded, and we do not need to obtain your consent under GDPR.  

​If you agree to the installation of all cookies click “I agree”. You can change your choice at any time.  

Why are cookies needed?  

They are fundamental to providing user-friendly online services. The interaction between the web user and the website is faster and easier with the help of cookies. With their help, the site remembers the user’s preferences and experiences, saves time, and makes browsing the sites more efficient and friendly.  

Here are some specific examples of cookies:  

to improve the user experience of the website, and show visitors content based on past visits;  

to store choice when creating shortlisted devices and offers, and when comparing them;  

to keep you logged in on parts of websites where sign-in is required;  

to identify the device (computer, tablet, cell phone) and to customize the content displayed to your device;  

to monitor the visit, to check the effectiveness of content delivery and the relevance of ads, and to continually improve web pages;  

certain cookies are necessary for the functioning of certain services (f.e., electronic registration of selected packages and other forms of e-commerce, …) 

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