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Meet the Host



GA Holiday is a Croatian subsidiary of GA Mobil, Gradus - Ars d.o.o. focused on luxury high-quality tourism services located on the southern Adriatic coast. We started our journey into vacation offer, with investment in luxury mobile villa resort The Sunset Bay, located near Primošten city, in the small deserted bay on the south Dalmatian coast. 

The main mission and vision of the company are to offer quality above-standard accommodation for a moderate sale price, which allows guests to enjoy their holiday stay and the quality of spending their well-deserved vacation time. Connecting to the narrower and wider local community is an important value for us in achieving the local and global success of the brand. We strive to offer guests a local offer of food, services, and activities that together contribute to an unforgettable holiday experience and learning about local culture.

We grow and improve together with you! 

We build your vacations


Ga Mobil is a brand focused on high-quality mobile living unit manufacturing, designed through four generations of experience in construction and wood manufacturing. All that knowledge, combined with 21st-century building standards and smart systems, perfectly encapsulates our vision for future holiday living solutions.

Our main vision is to build spacious modules with smart spatial distribution together with high-quality building insulation solutions and an autonomous ventilating system that give guests a unique living experience. The design and manufacturing processes adhere to European standards EN 1647:2012, EN 721:2005, and EN 1949:2014.

Our primary specialty is custom-made building, which gives clients free rein in interior and exterior design, as well as spatial distribution, and so makes a house unique for every client.

We started our journey into luxury high-quality mobile home manufacturing, with a vision of making an impression on a market flooded with conventional rapidly made products. With appropriate production capacity, we thrive to keep all the necessary processes following our high-quality standards. 

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