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Frequently Asked Questions

Bellow we listed a few of most popular questions among the web page visitors,
we hope that this would help you solve any unclarity, if not, feel free to contact
us and we would help you in person.

  • How to pay online room reservation ?
    You can use any of standard paying methods to pay for your reservation. If you follow booking links, at the end of reservation process there are the options for you to cohoose.
  • Do you accept cash ?
    No. We do not accept cash payment at the arrival.
  • Are you dog welcome resort ?
    Yes. We love dogs, as the matter of fact, our golden retriever named Boni is 20% resort owner
  • Do you offer airport shuttle ?
    We can arrange such a service upon the request.
  • How is the sea in your area ?
    The sea in this bay is shallow, hot and clean. It is ideal for kids to play on a beach covered with small stones, or for early morning supping trip cross the bay.

Feel free to contact us for any question and doubts

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